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Natsume Shoten's eels are farmed, live, and processed under a strict management system to deliver safe and secure eels to our customers.


The word is a combination of the English word "trace" (to follow in the footsteps) and "ability" (to be able to do).
It is "tracing" in the handling of food, from distribution to the production site.
Establishing traceability is an indispensable system for proving the safety of food products.

A farm with a complete breeding history.
At Natsume Shoten's aquaculture farm, eels are raised from the time they are young eels, known as whitebait, and so the growth conditions and information on their growth can be reliably ascertained by recording data on each of the eight ponds in which they are raised.
During the rearing process, a management report is prepared for each pond to monitor the eels' growth, and the condition of the eels is monitored by monitoring their food intake and other factors to prevent the outbreak of disease.
Commitment to the Aquaculture Environment
Using groundwater, the eel fry are raised for approximately 280 days.
In addition, to improve the quality of the eels, they are fed with high quality food specially designed for the growth stage of the fry, juvenile and adult eels. We use only feeds with detailed quality certification, from the composition to the origin of the ingredients. With this attention to detail, we carefully watch over the eels as they grow bigger and bigger every day.
With this kind of attention to detail, we carefully watch over the eels as they grow bigger and bigger every day, and we are raising them as if they were our own children.
A complete system for transporting eels
Eels are sampled and inspected before shipping and only those eels that are confirmed to be free of residual chemicals are shipped.
In order to prevent the eels from being weakened during shipping, we put ice in the bag at the time of packing to lower the water temperature and supply oxygen to the eels so that they can be transported in the best condition possible.