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We offer safe, reliable, high-quality eels from Aichi Prefecture that can only be provided by Natsume Shoten, which has an integrated system from farming to distribution and processing.

About farming
Natsume Shoten's aquaculture ponds are blessed with a mild climate and good quality groundwater.
We purchase fry with a clear location and manage and farm them in our own aquaculture ponds.
  • ●We are capable of thorough management of feed measurements, rearing conditions, historical data management, and transportation methods.
  • ●Even the feed for the eels is selected and blended based on Natsume Shoten's experience in raising eels.
  • ●We can produce safe and secure eels under the management system of eel-raising specialists.
About Processing
In order to maximize the taste of the best ingredients, we process our products at our contracted factory, which is dedicated to grilling.
  • ●The eels are brought in daily from our own aquaculture ponds to ensure that they are exceptionally fresh.
  • ● All live eels are broiled on a test basis and only those that have passed the test are used.
  • ●We use Natsume Shoten's signature sauce for our grilled eels, which we have researched and developed over many years.

Because of our integrated system, Natsume Shoten is able to provide extremely high quality eels as well as safe and secure.

Grilled eels are shipped directly to our stores and customers.